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About the PROMPT Study

Providing Mental Health Precision Treatment

About the Study

The Potential of Mobile Health Interventions

Depression, anxiety, sleep concerns, and addiction are leading and growing causes of disability, productivity loss, and premature mortality globally. However, the number of behavioral health clinicians available to provide face-to-face, traditional care is not meeting the growing need.
It seems that mobile 
technology has the potential to address these issues, through mental health symptom tracking intervention, in powerful ways that had not been previously possible.

The Purpose of the PROMPT Study

The purpose of this research study is to learn how we can improve
current treatment to help manage mental health.

There are two main focuses for this project:

First, we are studying how certain smartphone apps can improve mental health. Second, we are studying people’s behaviors, genes, and health information to understand how to match people with the type of mental health care that will be the most helpful for future treatments.

What Does This Study Entail?

To better understand these points, we will be collecting a variety of active and passive data. We will collect biomedical data, including a DNA saliva sample, as well as activity level, sleep quality, and heart rate statistics from regularly-worn Fitbits. Participants will also complete four surveys throughout the study and daily average mood ratings to gauge their mental health status. Lastly, some participants may be selected to use an additional mental health app for free for the duration of participation.



Adult patients (age 18+) who have a scheduled adult mental health intake appointment at either Michigan Medicine Outpatient Psychiatry or University Health Service are eligible for participation in the study. Students who are newly involved in mental health care related services or organizations at the University of Michigan may be eligible to participate in the study. Patients must have daily access to a smartphone to use for the study in order to participate.

If you meet the eligibility requirements for the PROMPT study and are interested in participating, but have not yet been contacted by our team, click here to contact us about participating!

The Study App
MDH fitbit screenshot2.png

The Study App

MyDataHelps is an app that will serve as the hub for participants enrolled in the study. 

Daily Mood Ratings
Participants will also be notified on a daily basis to rate their mood on a scale of 1-10. One rating is required per day, but participants will have the option to submit several mood ratings daily, if desired.

Participants will complete surveys throughout the study, including an initial intake survey, surveys at 6 weeks, 18 weeks, and 12 months into their participation. 

Click here for directions to set up your MyDataHelps app!

Fitbit 1

Fitbit Tracker and App

After consenting to the study and completing the first survey, each study participant will receive a free Fitbit to wear daily for the duration of their time in the study (about 12 months).

Activity Feedback
The Fitbit will collect information such as your activity level and sleep quality, to give you real-time feedback. The Fitbit app will be paired with the MyDataHelps app, to give us (and you) a more comprehensive understanding of your health status, such as the relationship between your sleep quality and moods.

Click here for directions to set up your Fitbit tracker and app.

Participant Experience

Participant Experience

What to expect while participating in the PROMPT Study

Step 1

Initial Contact

Potential participants will be contacted by the PROMPT Study team via e-mail and/or


Step 2

MyDataHelps Setup 

The study team will assist interested potential participants in downloading the MyDataHelps app, in order to review the study's consent forms. This app will also be used later in the study, for completing daily mood ratings and study surveys.

Step 3
Consent & Initial Study Survey
Using the MyDataHelps app, the study team will guide potential participants through the consent process. After deciding to participate in the study, new participants will be prompted to complete the initial study survey in MyDataHelps. 

Step 4

Receive Study Materials

After completing the initial survey, participants will receive their PROMPT Study materials, either in-person or through First Class mail. The package will include a Fitbit, a DNA saliva collection kit with pre-paid return supplies (for the saliva sample), and more information about getting set up for the study.

Step 5

Complete Daily Tasks

All participants are asked to wear their Fitbit, sync it to their mobile device, and complete mood ratings in the MyDataHelps app every day for the duration of their participation.

Step 6
Additional Apps
Participants will be asked to use an additional mental health a
pp throughout the course of the study. 

Step 7
MyDataHelps Surveys
All participants will be prompted to take follow-up surveys at 6-weeks, 18-weeks, and 12-months after enrollment. These questionnaires will take about 20 minutes to complete. 

Step 8
Participation End
Participation will end about one year after enrollment in the study. Once all study tasks are complete, participants may keep their Fitbit for personal use. 

What's the CBR?

University of Michigan
Central Biorepository

As part of this study, you will be asked to contribute a DNA saliva sample to the University of Michigan Central Biorepository. 
Analysis of your DNA sample will contribute to the development of precision treatment for various mental health conditions. At this time, the results of your DNA analysis will not be used as a part of your medical treatment, and results will not be returned to you or your clinician(s). Donation and storage of your saliva sample is an optional aspect of participation in this study. If you do not want to do this, you can simply not return your saliva sample.

For more information about the DNA saliva sample donation, the University of Michigan Central Biorepository, or the use of genetic samples in research, please view the Central Biorepository Consent Form, our FAQ page, or contact us.



Study ID#: HUM00164162


Principal Investigators:


Srijan Sen, MD, PhD
205 Zina Pitcher Place
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109




Amy Bohnert, PhD
2800 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109


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